Re-opening The Other Side exhibition in Geneva

L´Autre Côtè is the new edition of The Other Side audio space, installed in 15th June at Cemetery of Kings in Geneva. An exceptionally strong storm hit Switzerland in 16th June and the many trees of the city were damaged because of the wind, blowing from 110 to 120 km/hour.

City officials opened the cemetery again on 1st July, and the exhibition can be visited the whole summer until 11th October. More about the exhibition here.

Scanning the 10 signs installed to the cemetery using a smartphone, you can listen to 10 text excerpts written by authors from different times. Photo: Oceana Antonyan

Visitors at Airstrip for Pollinators

Helsinki is getting quiet in July, when most people are out for holidays. If you happen to be around, take a walk to Tarja Halonen park at Kallio district! Melliferopolis installation with Hexa-Seats and Airstrip for Pollinators offers a place to observe city pollinators, attracted by the nectar and pollen of a selection of flowering plants. You can find “Tarhaneito” (Nigella damascena), “Maurinkiiltomalva” (Malva sylvestris), “Hilppa” (Limanthes douglasii), “Silkkiunikko” (Papaver rhoeas), and three different Cosmos, “Punakosmoskukka” (Cosmos bipinnatus) alias Xanthos, Velouette and Sensation Tall Mixed, strawberries, Thyme, Rosemary etc etc…

Perfect spot for an ice cream!


Photos: Ulla Taipale

Silainiai Bees – Discussion

Šilainių Bitės (Šilainiai Bees) is a participatory research project developed by Elizabeth Hudson around Bees and the Commons. The residency is at
Walks, Field Trips and conversations are planned. 

On the 30th of July, 18:00 a Roundtable discussion is scheduled around the provocation: Rights to Bees? Rights for Bees? Christina Stadlbauer will participate.

The discussion will be streamed via facebook at

Tarja Halonen Park 2019

Beginning of June, the semi-permanent installation Airstrip for Pollinators and Hexa-Seats in the centre of Helsinki, near the City Theatre was reopened. We refurbished the flower bed and reinstalled the Hexa-Seats. New signage, new flowering plants, and summery weather – we are starting a new season, with a poem by Mark Nepo:

The flower doesn’t dream of the bee, it blossoms and the bee comes.
Mark Nepo

This year’s activities at the Airstrip were kindly sponsored by Weekend Bee. 

Gardeners work at the Airstrip, Photo Christina Stadlbauer

The Other Side opens in Geneva in 19th June, 2019

The Cemetery of Kings is renowned for the famous individuals of Geneva that have been buried there for hundreds of years, among them Argentinian writer Jorge Luis Borges. 

The Other Side artwork is invited by Utopiana collective to take part to the 1000 Ecologies biennal, curated by Anna Barsegian, and the 3rd edition of the audio space will be opened there in Wednesday 19th at 5 pm. The artwork will be installed to the cemetery until the 11th October, 2019.

This edition of the project is dedicated to the extraordinary naturalist François Huber, who was born in Geneva in 1750. In spite being blind, he made groundbreaking discoveries regarding the magical and mysterious life of the bee.

More information at:

The Other Side exhibition is supported by:

Office de la Culture et du Sport (Canton de Genève); Fonds municipal d’art contemporain (Ville de Genève);Département
de la cohésion sociale et de la solidarité, Service des pompes funèbres, cimetières et crématoire (Ville de Genève); Commune de Presinge, Frame Finland; Activités culturelles de l’Université de Genève; Chambre de l’économie sociale et solidaire – Après-GE; Melliferopolis; ArtSchema.