by Christina Stadlbauer and Ulla Taipale

Performative lecture that discloses some mysteries about insects and plants, their connections to our food and the roles of gender in pollination. The intervention was part of the finissage at Kirpilä Art House exhibition Table Scenes and was linked to the still life composition Feast of Pollen Gold.

A variation of the performative lecture was shown in an academic context at the Human-Animal Studies Conference in Turku, 2018.


The lecture was first performed at Kirpilä Art House, 30th August, 2017, as a closing event of Table Scenes exhibition. The second performance took place in University of Turku, as a part of (Un)common Worlds, Human-Animal Studies Conference organised by Finnish Society for Human-Animal Studies, 7-9th August, 2018.
Featured photo: Paavo Lehtonen