Christina Stadlbauer is a Helsinki-based researcher / artist from Austria. She is inspired by the interstices of arts and sciences and her work pivots around life- animals, plants, bacteria. She is especially interested in the complexity of processes – in nature (ecosystems), groups (socio-systems), or the human body. She likes to work with the immediate environment, be it the physical space or immaterial contexts, to create situation specific interventions. Amongst the pieces that she created are tangible objects, outdoor public installations, as well as ephemeral interventions and rituals.

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Ulla Taipale is an independent curator, researcher and artist. Cross-disciplinary expeditions, natural phenomena and bio-scientific research are often starting points for her work. Her professional activity builds bridges between art and science communities, enhancing and facilitating dialogue between artists, creators, scientists, and the general public. Exhibitions, workshops and events curated and mediated by Taipale have been shown internationally.

In recent years she has been busy with the setting up of the Biofilia -Base for Biological Arts at Aalto University (Finland) and with Melliferopolis -Honeybees in Urban Environments project in Helsinki.  She holds a BSc in Environmental Engineering and a Master of Arts (Visual Culture, Curating and Contemporary Art). She is affiliated to University of Helsinki (INAR) and curates the Climate Whirl project at Hyytiälä forestry field station, in collaboration with a team of University of Helsinki researchers of climate and forest ecology.

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Featured photo: Antti Ahonen