Melliferopolis Fest is set between the wild and civilization. It created a summer-long shared space of encounters for Bees and non-Bees through visible actions and collaborations with semi-wild animals in public urban settings. Melliferopolis experimented with new ways of understanding bees, beekeeping and the ecology of the hive.

Melliferopolis Fest opened on June 9th 2016 with three experimental urban hive installations; Hexa-Hives and a Bee Ark in Kaisaniemi Botanic Garden, and the Hexa-Hive Village with Airstrip for Bees in Tarja Halonen Puisto. The Fest program was inspired by art history, literary, natural scientific research methodologies, architecture, music, landscaping, smells, sounds and flavors.

On Helsinki Day, 12th of June, several participatory activities and workshops were organised around Eläintarhan Huvila at Tokoinranta.

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Melliferopolis Fest was curated and organized by Christina Stadlbauer & Ulla Taipale, with artist and designer Hanna Kaisa Vainio. To see the projects by artists Charli Clark, Kaisa Illukka, Lesley Kadish, Till Bovermann, and Nigel Helyer, enter the portfolio by clicking the name of the artist.

The photo documentation by Antti Ahonen can be found here: ( to be uploaded soon)

The Fest was supportted by:
Kone Foundation, Finnish Cultural Foundation, Kaisaniemi Botanic Garden of University of Helsinki, City of Helsinki – Cultural Centre and Environmental Centre, Pixelache, Aalto Biofilia, Hunajaluotsi Oy, Poikilo Museums, Kouvolan Betoni Oy, Metsäpirtin multa – Helsingin seudun ympäristöpalvelut.

Poster design: Hanna Kaisa Vainio, Photos: Antti Ahonen
Please also find the entire detailed program in our archives page at:

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