The Other Side Barcelona

The Other Side / L´altre costat / El otro lado

by Ulla Taipale

The Othe Side audio space can be visited at the Poblenou cemetery in Barcelona city. The cemetery is open daily from 8-18.

The Other Side is a literary visit to the Poblenou cemetery exploring gravestones with angels and bee-related imagery. According to classical mythology, bees have the ability to travel between the realms of the living and the dead. A smartphone app allows participants to follow this itinerary and listen to excerpts of writings from different periods that contain references to these insects.

Melliferopolis – Collaborating with uncontrollable, flying, stinging insects

by Christina Stadlbauer

This article explores encounters between humans and insects, in the framework of a long term project around honeybees in urban contexts called Melliferopolis. The interventions proposed by Melliferopolis create shared spaces of encounters for Bees and Humans. The choice to work with these insects in an urban  and participatory setting creates situations that are surprising, unpredictable or challenge concepts of “safety”.