Helsinki is getting quiet in July, when most people are out for holidays. If you happen to be around, take a walk to Tarja Halonen park at Kallio district! Melliferopolis installation with Hexa-Seats and Airstrip for Pollinators offers a place to observe city pollinators, attracted by the nectar and pollen of a selection of flowering plants. You can find “Tarhaneito” (Nigella damascena), “Maurinkiiltomalva” (Malva sylvestris), “Hilppa” (Limanthes douglasii), “Silkkiunikko” (Papaver rhoeas), and three different Cosmos, “Punakosmoskukka” (Cosmos bipinnatus) alias Xanthos, Velouette and Sensation Tall Mixed, strawberries, Thyme, Rosemary etc etc…

Perfect spot for an ice cream!


Photos: Ulla Taipale

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