The Hexa-Hive Village was first installed at the campus of Aalto University, in Otaniemi, Finland in 2013. Launched as an artistic intervention, the Hexa-Hive Village became a landscaped area hosting honeybees and inviting people to hang out. The Hexa-Hive Village has been described as an example for urban acupuncture, a small scale intervention that has effects on the social and ecological structure of its immediate surroundings.

The article Inter-species encounters at the “Hexa-Hives” reflects in detail on the Hexa-Hive village and its effect on the inhabitants of the city. It was published in the Urban Forestry and Urban Greening magazine, Volume 30 in March 2018, within a special issue on urban gardens. Please find an abstract here.

Hexa-Hive Village is an outdoor installation with colonies of honeybees, first installed in 2013 at the Campus of Otaniemi, Aalto University as part of Biofilia – Base for Biological Arts.
Concept: Christina Stadlbauer. Working group consisting of Christina Stadlbauer, Ulla Taipale, Marika Hellman, Lauri Reuter, and others.
Featured photo: Ulla Taipale