L´Autre Côtè is the new edition of The Other Side audio space, installed in 15th June at Cemetery of Kings in Geneva. An exceptionally strong storm hit Switzerland in 16th June and the many trees of the city were damaged because of the wind, blowing from 110 to 120 km/hour.

City officials opened the cemetery again on 1st July, and the exhibition can be visited the whole summer until 11th October. More about the exhibition here.

Scanning the 10 signs installed to the cemetery using a smartphone, you can listen to 10 text excerpts written by authors from different times. Photo: Oceana Antonyan

Melliferopolis experiments with new ways of understanding bees, beekeeping and the ecology of the hive. The project examines the role of honeybees in an urban context and explores the many differing relations between humans and these semi-wild insects.

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