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Stadlbauer, Christina, Taipale, Ulla (2016), Inter-species encounters at the “Hexa-Hives”.  Urban Forestry & Urban Greening – abstract.
Inter-species Encounters at the “Hexa-Hives”

The full article is published online at:


Comment: the full article can be requested by the author christina(at)melliferopolis.net

Article reference: UFUG25819
Journal title: Urban Forestry & Urban Greening
Corresponding author: Dr Christina Stadlbauer
First author: Dr Christina Stadlbauer
Accepted manuscript (unedited version) available online: 2-DEC-2016
DOI information: 10.1016/j.ufug.2016.11.017

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(pages 8-9 of the PDF file)

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Melkoelävistä puolivilleihin

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Kohtaamisia pesillä, metsässä ja merellä

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Article by Kris de Decker as poetic reflection after the workshop Understanding the Essence of Flowers – Exploring Pollen, Harakka island, Helsinki 2013

How To Reproduce In A High-Tech World

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Entre monstros e quimeras: arte, biologia e tecnologia

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Aprender En Las Fronteras

Featured photo: Nigel Helyer