Here you can find articles written by Melliferopolis members and collaborators.
More texts from media, as well as TV interviews can be found here. 

Taipale, Ulla (2020). Policy making for European insects and biodiversity – Halting the loss of Pollinators? Published in 25th February in

Contribution in Art as We Don’t Know It, E. Berger, K. Mäki-Reinikka, K. O’Railly, H. Sederholm, (eds.), Aalto publisher, 2020 – free pdf download. 

Stadlbauer, Christina (2019). “Melliferopolis – collaborating with uncontrollable, flying, stinging insects. “ in VIS – Nordic Journal for Artistic Research, Issue 1 with the theme “Risk” ; January 24th 2019.

Taipale, Ulla (2018). “To The Other Side – A Long Walk with Bees and Angels”

Taipale, Ulla (2017).  “Vihreän tasapaino kaupungistuvassa maailmassa”
In: Vihreä päänsärky! Taidetta siemenestä kompostiin. Y. Sepänmaa, L. Heikkilä-Palo ja V. Kaukio (ed.) Helsinki: Maahenki Oy

Stadlbauer, Christina, Taipale, Ulla (2016), Inter-species encounters at the “Hexa-Hives”.  Urban Forestry & Urban Greening – abstract.
Inter-species Encounters at the “Hexa-Hives”

The full article is published online at:

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Article reference: UFUG25819
Journal title: Urban Forestry & Urban Greening
Corresponding author: Dr Christina Stadlbauer
First author: Dr Christina Stadlbauer
Accepted manuscript (unedited version) available online: 2-DEC-2016
DOI information: 10.1016/j.ufug.2016.11.017

Stadlbauer Christina and Taipale Ulla (2015), Stinging Beauty – Introducing the Wild in the Public Parks in Finland, Public Park issue at Paisea Magazine
(pages 8-9 of the PDF file)

Taipale, Ulla (2015). “Melkoelävistä puolivilleihin – Ajatuksia biologisesta taiteesta”.
In: Kippola, A.,Seppänen K. (ed.), Maasta luotua – Menneen ajan puutarhoista biotaiteeseen. Poikilo-museot.

Melkoelävistä puolivilleihin

Taipale, Ulla (2015). ”Kohtaamisia pesillä, metsässä ja merellä.” In: A. Suominen and H. Ylirisku (ed.), Maan Kuva. Aalto ARTS

Kohtaamisia pesillä, metsässä ja merellä

Helyer, N. (2014). Architecture for Bees, Bees for Architecture.

Sonic Objects – The Nature and Culture of Sound.

De Decker, Kris (2014). “How to reproduce in a high-tech world”

Article by Kris de Decker as poetic reflection after the workshop Understanding the Essence of Flowers – Exploring Pollen, Harakka island, Helsinki 2013

How To Reproduce In A High-Tech World

Renno, Raquel and Pau Alsina Gonzalez (2013). Entre monstros e quimeras: arte, biologia e tecnologia.

Entre monstros e quimeras: arte, biologia e tecnologia

Renno, Raquel (2013). Aprender en las fronteras (o nadie educa a nadie): relaciones entre arte, ciencia y tecnología. Revista de Estudios de Juventud, no 102, pp 83-87

Aprender En Las Fronteras

Featured photo: Nigel Helyer