Bee greetings from Helsinki

Harakka island got its new bee population in early June. The colony is from a beekeeper in Helsinki city. The bees are doing very well. Right now they have lots of food on the blossoming island. Since the beginning of August summer has been chilly and rainy, not so successful for stocking much honey but enough to feed bee babies.

Erkki takes care of the Harakka island’s hive and in the picture he’s preparing a new floor by disinfecting the box with fire.


When putting the new box on top of the hive we also met the beautiful queen.


As a small island, Harakka has a unique climate and flora. The island is a nature reserve and grows great wild flowers. Now for example St John’s worts are blossoming and constantly visited by honey bees and bumble bees.

In Kaisaniemi Botanical garden, there are two new bee colonies in the Hexa-Hives. They have been active builders and quickly filled the second floor in two weeks!


From that hive I took a sample for Charli by cutting a piece of comb in order to explore what plants are visited by the bees in the garden. 

hexa_honeycut  honeysample

Post and pix by Hanna Vainio, Melliferopolis beekeeper