Time Lapse: Installing the First Hexa-Hive in Kaisaniemi Botanic Garden, May 2012.

Hive Five Sound Pic-Nic
An experimental concert with bees, on Otaniemi Campus, August 2013, by Mikko Raskinen, 2013

Sundance Palimpsest Preparation, 2013

A documentary of the workshop “Bees for Architecture, Architecture for Bees” in Helsinki University Botanic Garden of Kaisaniemi, in the summer of 2014.
By Kalle Kuisma.

Building an Airstrip for Bees to the Hexa-Hive Village,
The Making Of, Poikilo Museum Kouvola, April 2015

Hexa-Hive village
Interviews with the designers and makers of the Hexa-Hive, 2018,

Beehave Exhibition, Barcelona, February to May 2018

Interview Pollen Gold.
Interview with Christina Stadlbauer and Ulla Taipale, by Kira O’Reilly

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