Eat Like a Bee
by Charli Clark

Honey, sugar syrup, stall, blackboards and people

Eat Like a Bee is an interactive performance to highlight and explore ‘honey’ within the context of taste, texture, aroma and the other qualities that draw us to eat it, alongside products scientists and beekeepers are developing to feed the bees in replacement.

As honey is so much more complex than sugar, with dietary fibre and many necessary amino acids, it is important to question human usage as demand increases and bee stocks decline. During spring 2015, Charli worked with leftover honey to create a visualization of the plants the bees visited, through the identification of pollen grains. Alongside the ‘honey’ tasting she used this research to highlight the effort of these little creatures and prompt a larger discussion concerning honey as a consumer product and the problems our bee population are facing, with potentially weakened immune systems from commercial honey collection and sugar syrup substitution.

A link to Charli Clark’s website.

Eat like a Bee is a participatory installation by Charli Clark.
The intervention was part of Melliferopolis Fest in June 2016, Helsinki

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