Building new urban ambients for the bees – Kouvola Semi-Wild Garden


This spring Christina and Ulla made a major physical effort to create an outdoor section for Poikilo Museum Semi-Wild Garden exhibition. In the centre of the city, the park area is hosting a Hexa-Hive Village with new work, Airstrip for Bees. Let´s see how the bees fly with this new construction in their village! More information of the exhibition can be found here.

Videolink of the building process.

The audio of the timelapse video is recorded by Till Bovermann during the summer 2013 in Aalto Otaniemi Campus. A microphone was installed to the hive and what we hear is the bees walking and communicating in the vicinity of the microphone. More experimental sound recordings by Till can be found here.

The colour of the Airstrip will change during the summer, the dominating lila will turn to the yellowi and red when the poppies, Isatis Tinctoria, lavanda and many others start blooming.