Sundance Palimpsest


The installation at Kaisaniemi Botanic Garden, Helsinki, captures the ever changing movement of the sun across the sky. Every day, the sun rays are focused through a magnifying lens hung above a sheet of bees wax – the material used as foundation in the hive by beekeepers. The hexagonal comb pattern is melted and leaves a trace of the solar trajectory. Both the sun’s altitude changing with the season, and the weather conditions are taken into account – parameters crucial for the orientation of bees on their travels.

The compilation of daily recordings will be arranged into a heliographic pamphlet, at the end of the summer.

The materials used are beeswax, jute, zinc wire and a magnifying glass lens.


Preparation of the installation

In the summer of 2014, in Kaisaniemi Botanic Garden of Helsinki, the installation Sundance Palimpsest is on show. Here the preparations….