2014 Activities

Float like a Butterfly, Sting like a Bee

27th May at 5 -6 pm, Artist Talk at Eläintarhan Villa ( Eläintarhantie 14) Linnunlaulu, Helsinki

by  Dr. Nigel Helyer *

A public lecture “Float like a Butterfly, Sting like a Bee,” charts the evolving inter-species relationship between humans and bees and focusses in particular upon the changing historical metaphors and human attitudes towards the ’super-organism’. After the talk there will be a briefing for Workshop Bees for Architecture and Architecture for Bees, ( 9-11th June in Kaisaniemi Botanic Garden)  to outline the overall aims and objectives of the workshop and discuss practical and logistic issues in order that participants are well prepared. We will also discuss some of the philosophical movitations and creative intentions that underpin the project.


MEHILÄISAKTIVISTIT OSA 2: PÖLYTTÄJÄT  / Taiteilija Kaisa Illukka & Esitystaiteen Seura (sorry, event info only in Finnish)

Sunday 25th May, at 13-15 Kumpula Botanic Garden, Helsinki https://www.facebook.com/events/473762796088338/?ref_dashboard_filter=upcoming Käsinpölyttäjät: pölytysdemonstraatio kukkivien puiden, pensaiden ja kasvien kanssa (kesto 1-2 t). Saa myös tulla vaikka vain istumaan, meditoimaan ja siemailemaan simaa puun alle! Mehiläiset pölyttävät suuren osan ruokakasveistamme, muun muassa hedelmäpuut. Viime vuosina kiihtynyt mehiläiskato on saanut monet miettimään, kuinka lähes huomaamattomien pölyttäjien tuottama “ekosysteemipalvelu” voidaan korvata, jos menetämme nämä hyönteiset. Kykenemmekö itse tekemään mehiläisten työt? Esitystaiteen seuran Tämä ei ole performanssi -teemavuoden puitteissa järjestettävä Mehiläisaktivistit-projekti keskittyy pohtimaan, mitä voisi olla “oikeiden tekojen” aktivistitaide, jossa tekoja tehdään muutkin ekologiset kumppanit kuin vain ihmiset huomioiden. Voisiko tekemällä osallistumisella olla suurempi voima kuin katsomisella tai valistamisella?


Sensoring the Hive – Translating Bees

8th June 10 am, at Vartiosaari, Helsinki Melliferopolis Workshop as a part of Camp Pixelache In  the workshop we will fit a beehive with different sensors (weight,  sounds, temperature, humidity, etc), using open and free hardwarde and  software solutions. The readings of the data from the hive are sent to a  public database, connected by internet to other monitored beehives in  Barcelona (OpenResearch, Spain) and Bordeaux (OpenBeeLab, France). All installation instructions are open source and the created database is publicly accessible. This  DIY system can help you to survey other/your beehives and feed the data  into the public database. The workshop aims at creating a tool to  monitor honeybee colonies in various places in Europe and explore the  possibilities of augmented insight with the use of sensors. The data  from the hive is open for creative translations and artistic  interventions. Once the sensor-equipped hive is installed in Kaisaniemi Botanic garden it will host bees. A first equipped hive is already operating on the roof of the Contemporary Art Museum in Bordeaux and another one in Ciutadela Park in the centre of Barcelona. The worskhop is facilitated by Christina Stadlbauer, Ulla Taipale, Pierre Grangé-Praderas, Remy Brousset-Casassus and Gabriel Jourdane. The workshop is part of www.socientize.eu/. For more information write: info@melliferopolis.net


Bees for Architecture and Architecture for Bees

Workshop 9-11th June, 2014 at Kaisaniemi Botanic Garden, Helsinki, Finland

Melliferopolis Workshop III

by artist, Dr. Nigel Helyer

Workshop outline “Bees for Architecture and Architecture for Bees” is a three day workshop at the Kaisanemi Botanical Gardens offered by Australian artist Dr. Nigel Helyer as part of the ongoing Melliferopolis urban bee project. Working with natural materials gathered from the Gardens we will concentrate on sculptural approaches to create Bee friendly hives which we will incorporate into large figurative works to be installed in the Park The second focus is the creation of a series of small sculptural objects to be housed inside conventional bee hives allowing the Bees to ‘co-create’ works which will later be shown as part of a Melliferopolis exhibition. Workshop Schedule:

9th June; Day 01

Introduction and orientation to the project and the gardens. Bees and Architecture, a short historical overview discussion. Architecture for Bees – small objects design development. Architecture for Bees – small objects creation.

10th June, Day 02

Review – Architecture for Bees – small objects creation. Discussion – The Wicker man and The Green Man. Installation sculpture and hive – design development. Installation sculpture and hive – object creation. Reading_03

11th June, Day 03

Installation sculpture and hive – complete object creation. Installation site visit – and possible placement of work. Closing discussion/feedback to review workshop .

Registration Please send an email to info@melliferopolis.net by Friday 30th May, 18 pm to register to the workshop. Title ” Melliferopolis workshop 2014″ and your name. We would like to have max 100 words description of you and your motivations to take part to the workshop. Max 15 participants will be selected.